Classic Piazzo Large


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Our Classic Square features 16 preserved long-lasting roses set in a Parisien hat box.
Valentines Day Luxury roses

Roses count: 16 long-lasting Roses

Disclaimer: Please be aware that variations can occur since all of our unique arrangements are handmade.


  • If dust collects gently remove it by using a duster or a stream of dry air.
  • Keep your floral arrangement in a room temperature environment.
  • When handling the floral arrangement be mindful that it’s very delicate.
  • Keep the lid on the bottom attached to the Parisien hat box.


  • Do not water the florals.
  • Do not expose the florals to direct sunlight, it helps preserve their colors and longevity.
  • Do not remove the florals from the box or vase as it will ensure their lasting and magical display.
  • Do not place anything into the floral arrangement, this can crush and damage the petals.
  • When you care for your floral arrangement properly you can enjoy your luxury long lasting floral arrangement up to a year or more with no maintenance needed.

1 review for Classic Piazzo Large

  1. Frank De Boer

    I love how beautiful and elegant this arrangement looks. My mom is super happy with it.
    I 100% recommend it.

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