About Vita Rosa

Just like the journey of love, we’re timeless

At a very young age I discovered the love for flowers. My parents were always gardening and my father bought beautiful flowers every week for my mother. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, the number one export country for flowers Worldwide. When I moved to New York City, I was disappointed to see the quality of the flowers. Most flowers that are sold in the United States of America are imported, it has travelled far and thus the length of life has shrunk. I’ve decided to put my own creativity to test and wanted to offer a long-lasting floral arrangement that everyone can enjoy in any space that they wish for. The name Vita Rosa stands for the life of the rose.

At Vita Rosa we care to give you more than eternity, we bring back the romance, elegance and luxury. You can enjoy our floral arrangement for more than over a year without any maintenance needed. With Vita Rosa you always receive more. More care, more love, more romance and more style. From the moment of packaging your order, to the moment of delivery. We think of every detail to make your experience magical.

Long lasting luxury roses

Our care & commitment to quality

At Vita Rosa we offer timeless floral arrangements that are artfully arranged in aesthetical vases, dehydrated and preserved. Our long-lasting floral arrangements will last up to a year or longer. We are committed to offer high quality materials with sustainability.

Our Values

We believe in a World where excellence meets aesthetics, where connections are forged through the beauty of our products, and where integrity is the cornerstone of our craftmanship.

We’re committed to sustainability, nurturing the romance in every design, and ensuring the magic of each creation shines through. Our transparent approach and strong partnerships with our clients allow us to deliver products that are not just visually stunning but also incredibly low-maintenance, reflecting our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction.

With Vita Rosa, you’re not just buying a product; you’re embracing a philosophy that combines artistry and sustainability to bring beauty and magic into your life.


Transforming moments into timeless memories with our exquisite floral arrangements, preserving nature’s beauty while fostering sustainability, and nurturing a community of love and connection through our artistry.


To passionately craft and deliver exquisite, long-lasting floral arrangements that speak of romance, quality, and sustainability. We aim to celebrate life’s moments, foster connections, and leave a lasting impact on the World, one beautiful bloom at a time.